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One of the most lovely prayer/meditation-y things that I've come across...

At the end of services, we always say the Kaddish, the prayer in memory of the dead. Before we do, we tend to have little meditations in the book that we can read silently to ourselves. My favorite has always been this one. For some reason, it reads like poetry in my head, with a sort of gravelly male voice narrating (like the one at the beginning of the recent Mummy movies).

I loves it, precious.

The origins of the Kaddish are mysterious; angels are said to have brought it down from heaven...

It possesses wonderful power. Truly, if there is any bond strong enough to chain heaven to earth, it is this prayer. It keeps the living together, and forms a bridge to the mysterious realm of the dead. One might almost say that this prayer is...the guardian of the people by whom alone it is uttered; therein lies the warrant of its continuance. Can a people disappear and be annihilated so long as a child remembers its parents?

Because this prayer does not acknowledge death, because it permits the blossom, which has fallen from the tree of humankind, to flower and develop again in the human heart, therefore it possesses sanctifying power.

The last clause always causes a little chill to thrum though me.
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