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Angst Bunnies For All

This is the first time I can recall having a wall, knowing that I have a wall, and being unable to break it down. Or maybe that's unwilling. I've never shut down like this before - it's strange. Strange knowing that there's this smooth blank surface and all this mess underneath...and having such distance.

I don't think it's particularly healthy, mind you, but it's temporarily better than the alternative. Because the alternative is having that mess lying underneath come raging to the surface without being sorted out.

And that's just not an option. But I do have to figure out how to react - early last evening was odd-feeling. I felt discomfort, but distantly - it was emotional paralysis. Deadness.

However, in other non-angst-bunny news, the rest of the evening after that was splendid. I was surrounded by warm, lovely, scritchy people. And cinnamon buns were made, and pasta. And anime was watched, though I succumbed to social narcolepsy yet again. [grin]

I really do like this small circle of people that's formed this semester. I will be very sad, indeed, at the end of the year when they are no longer down the hall or across the street from me.
Tags: drama, happy things, personality, silly things

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