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And this is why I love being at a University...

So I was walking into the building and I ran into another graduate student I know. He had had a very pronounced stutter for all the time that I've known him, but when he spoke to me, it was completely gone. Apparently, over the weekend, he had been trying various visualization exercises - involving music and solving higher math functions in his head and such - and whatever brain bits that stimulated have had the effect of vaporizing his stutter into the ether. So he's been in discussion all morning with our neurological and psychological linguistics folks, trying to figure out what exactly happened, how he could test the effects, how to determine if it was a permanent change or no, and clinical effects this might have on the part of the population (mostly young people, but occasionally some adults) who stutter.

Methinks he has a thesis topic. Oh yes he does.

Just hearing him talk with such excitement about the exploration of this new intellectual territory - so invigorating!
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