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So....my very first peer-reviewed journal submission has been sent off. My former advisor's name is on it as a co-author - which, since he's quite well-known, will either inspire easy acceptance or harsh criticism and hatred. I'm actually betting on the harsh criticism and hatred and requests for revision. This am I steeling myself for. I hope, however, that it does at least make it to be peer-reviewed - some manuscripts are rejected out-of-hand by the editors as not worth the time for review. That would be quite a blow if that happens. I hereby cross my fingers and hope that it doesn't.

::hope hope::

I do feel a very lovely rush of excitement at this, however. Hee. Writings.

And now, I must go and start revisions on the second of my two articles that I'm hoping to send off this month. That one is nearer and dearer to what I'm seeing as my thesis work, and my name will be the only one on it. Commence frenetic efforts.
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