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I just spent the last half hour cleaning up the grungy shite left around my common room and kitchen by my flatmate's new boy. So not only is he a strutting fool, but he's a messy strutting fool. Gah! I keeeell him dead very, very soon.

I'm going to have to talk to her the next time I get the chance. Or leave her a note, after I calm down a little.

Clutter I can deal with. (Hence, my room.) But pizza crusts and garbage strewn about and just general filth. Grrr....teeth grinding...must....restrain...fist...of death.

And maybe it's because I'm from a home where clutter wasn't even tolerated all that well...but must talk to idiot boy soon. Or at least find out how long he's going to be here.
Tags: grumblings

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