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So I've gotten a few comments about Storyteller that suggest it's good enough to be published. (Yay, Writer's Ego.) And it'll be a little less than 200 pages double-spaced when it's done, which is reasonable novelette length. But in truth, I'm not sure how sensible such a thing would actually be. Storyteller is a fanfiction that bases itself out of the Peter Pan world. Granted, it stays there for all of a chapter or two, but that's still its foundation. Is it possible to actually publish fanfiction (other than online, of course, at various fanfic sites)? Aren't there copyright or universe-right issues or something?

The only thing that might work would be one of those modern fairy tale anthology sort of things, I suppose, where you get to take an already created universe and play with it. Which is really fanfiction, in its own way.
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