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So I talked with the new acquisition professor yesterday about an experiment that my current advisor wanted me to do in order to flesh out some of the ideas in my thesis with real live data from children. He looked it over and tweaked it and made recommendations (quite good ones) on how to improve it. Which was good. But then he talked a bit about how it wasn't really the best sort of real live data from children I could be getting (and he's not wrong), and made a comment about, "But you're not trying to graduate this year, right? So you're fine."

Except that one of the better options for me and swiftfoxe being able to live in the same place after this year (since he's graduating and wanting to go to graduate school) is for me to also have my degree and thus be more mobile. If I take one more year after this one to finish my degree (as graduate students normally do), the only way we'd be in the same place is if he went to Maryland for graduate school.

I mentioned a bit of this to my acquisition professor, and he laughed and said, "Well, you have to live apart from your boyfriend sometime."

I realize this is quite sensible advice, but...well, moo. A piece of sensible advice I also got this past week was from my choir director, who said, "Do whatever takes not to be apart. A relationship falls apart if you're not around each other."

At the moment, I'm going to have to place my hope in swiftfoxe getting into Maryland's graduate school and deciding to go there...because I'm really not sure I'll be able to finish my thesis this year. Otherwise, it looks like sensible advice #1 may have to prevail.

Which is not to say I haven't done it before. My very first good relationship was long-distance. But still...


Sep. 19th, 2005 02:31 am (UTC)
Yeah - I'd be on the job hunt for places around wherever he got into graduate school, I think. Sadly, finding a job in academia seems to be a terribly tricksy thing (let alone one in the various locales that have appropriate graduate schools for him), so I'm probably better off in the commercial/government realm anyway. I have a fairly sensible plan for what to do if we're staying in the DC area, at least.

[hugs] Thank you for sensible advice, as well. ;)


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