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So it turns out religious passages are similar to math...

...in that I get more out of them years after I initially read/learn them. This struck me tonight as I read the same passages I read every year at Yom Kippur evening. For whatever reason, this year they made extraordinarily good sense and seemed much more spiritual than I remember them ever being before. (Especially the bits about forgiveness of people who have ticked you off and forgiveness of yourself for not being able to do everything you ought to/want to.) Which sounds terribly trite of me, I think, but so be it.

The same realization struck me about my math foo when I was taking algebra through calculus. I was always hit with, "Oh! I see. That makes perfect sense!" about 2-3 years after I had actually taken the course. (Mind you, I would muscle my way through the courses at the time, but the information didn't really make intuitive sense until the 2-3 year waiting period was up.)

So...perhaps I've reached the end of the religious text waiting period, then.
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