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...you wake up in the morning quite tired, guilt via IM message is really, really not what you want. It seems to cause severe episodes of mental cursing at the instigator of said guilt.

This discovery courtesy of an IM message sent at midnight chiding me for not coming to a ballroom dance class I never come to in order to help demonstrate since my teacher was sick. (Note: The IM was not from the teacher herself.) The class was at 6pm. I sang till 7:30pm or so last night. My throat is rather raw. This does not help my temperament.

Moreover, I sent an email to the IMer last night at 10pm when I first got the notice about coming into class to help demonstrate. So the IMer knew why I couldn't come and still decided that sending me a guilt-IM that I would read first thing in the morning would be a brilliant plan.

The Killings and the Death.
Tags: ballroom, grumpy, guilt

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