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In brief...

...how swiftfoxe and I spent our weekend: Dancing. A lot. At DCDI 2005, the local ballrom competition.

The Background:
Levels in Ballroom dance, from lowest to highest: Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre-Champion, Champion.
Styles: American and International. They've got different dance steps that are allowed in each. (Don't ask me why - I have no idea why there are two styles.)

The booty:
Me and swiftfoxe: 2nd in Hustle. Out of everyone from all levels. Hee hee hee.
swiftfoxe: 1st in Pre-Champion International Latin Paso Doble, 3rd in Pre-Champion International Latin Jive, 4th in Gold Level American Rhythm (Cha Cha/Rumba/Swing/Mambo), 6th in Pre-Champion International Rumba, 6th in Pre-Champion International Samba, 6th in Pre-Champion International Jive, 1st in Same-Sex Rumba Fun Dance.
Me: 1st in Silver American Foxtrot/Viennese Waltz, 2nd in Silver American Waltz/Tango, 3rd in Bronze International Samba, 5th in Silver American Swing/Mambo, 7th in Silver American Cha Cha/Rumba, 6th in Silver International Foxtrot/Tango, 7th in Silver International Waltz/Quickstep.

My favorite pieces of evidence under the cut.

  • swiftfoxe and his partner Joanna shakin' it in a corta jaca during gold samba. .

  • swiftfoxe and Joanna cleverly upstaging the couple behind them.

  • swifttfoxe and Joanna looking smashing during the paso.

  • And again, with the sexy paso.

  • swiftfoxe chasing adorably after Joanna during the pre champ cha cha.

  • swiftfoxe and Joanna during a pretty hopping jive.

  • Lo! My swooshy dress bottom.

  • And again!

  • Me and my partner Joe looking pretty good during the cha cha.

  • Another fairly good one.

  • A good smooth pose.

  • Swirly dress!

  • I'm so happy ....if only I would ever open my eyes...

  • Tango-fied!

  • I'm so happy, you don't even need to see my smile.

  • Again, with the closed eyes - this time, as little red riding hood.

More evidence of mayhem can be found here.
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