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Academic Frustration...

...having to do with the revision for an article I submitted over the summer.

The Timeline:

End of September: I receive word that the journal would really like to publish it if I can make some revisions to it.

2nd week of October: All revisions made. Word sent to advisor about a look-over to make sure I didn't miss anything.

1st week of November: Receive email from journal people asking for estimate on when I'll be resubmitting the article. I estimate the end of the week, taking into account advisor may want minor revisions at this point. Advisor makes severe noises about revisions I've made, and wants a huge makeover. Much frustration on my part ensues. I work frantically, and send apology email to journal people.

2nd week of November: Changes finished. Request for advisor approval on new draft. Anticipating sending off to journal people by the end of the week.

End of 2nd week: Advisor rechedules meeting for next week.

3rd week of November: Advisor has to cancel meeting, makes some more suggestions, asks for Monday before Thanksgiving.

Monday before Thanksgiving: Advisor cancels meeting, reschedules for Monday after Thanksgiving.

Monday after Thanksgiving: Advisor does not show up to meeting. Advisor does not respond to email.

Tuesday: Advisor does not respond to email.

Wednesday: Advisor does not respond to email.

In summary:

If I don't hear back from my advisor by the end of the week, I'm going to review the article myself one last time and then send the damn thing off, I think...except she usually has good things to recommend. I just don't understand why she seems to be ignoring me on this...

Update: Rant, and ye shall receive. Advisor answered email and proposed meeting Friday morning. w00t.
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