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I've been sleeping fitfully for the last few days, and I'm not entirely sure why. It's possible this is the result of poor sleep schedule management, but I did honestly try to go to sleep at a sensible time last night and still proceeded to sleep extremely poorly.

I do have a peer-reviewed journal article to finish creating and whip into shape in the next two days, but surely that isn't enough to prevent the good sleep. In the back of my head, my mother's voice pipes in helpfully, "You're obviously stressed about something. What is it?"

Would that I knew. I do have rather high-strung tendencies, so the general feeling of having many things up in the air may be what's doing it. Tsk, overly responsive somatic system.

And the thing that really gets me when I don't get good sleep? I can never remember my dreams in the morning. Sigh. This shouldn't be all that important, but somehow, it is. Ah well.

Tags: grumble, poor sleep

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