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Bloody hell...

...and other choice expletives - for it has become apparent that I have displeased the automotive gods.

The end of November: A nail in my tire.
This past weekend: Random dark furniture in my lane on a 55mph road, resulting in swerve n' spin fun.
Tonight: A flat tire. At random. Sans nail. Really just because.

So thus, I surmise the displeasure of the automotive gods.

However, my own personal watch-jalenstrix's-back fairies seem to be doing an admirable job on the defense.

The nail in the tire? Found by a mechanic before the tire actually went flat.
The furniture in the road incident? Nearly best possible outcome of no injuries and no major damage.
The flat tire tonight? Noticed before leaving the parking lot, and subsequently rescued by the ever-dashing swiftfoxe and a very nice police officer.

I swear, this reminds me so much of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, with the bad one throwing a nasty curse and the good ones tempering it as best they could.

Automotive Gods: DOOOOOOOOOM! Such DOOOOOOOOM! We rain DOOOOOOOM upon your puny head!

jalenstrix fairies: Lessening of dooooooooom, lessening of dooooooom! Now, it is merely a doomling!

Automotive Gods: AGAIN with the DOOOOOOM!

jalenstrix fairies: Again with the making of a doomling from your doom.

Automotive Gods: Doom? Doom?! Dooooom, tra la la!

jalenstrix fairies: ::poof:: Doomling. Nyah nyah nyah.

Automotive Gods: ::glower:: We'll get you next time, Gadg- ahem...jalenstrix. And your little fairies, too. ::cackle cackle::

jalenstrix fairies: Sigh.

Tags: annoyed, cars, doom, silly things

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