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Grar. Stupid plague.

I think I'm particularly irked because I thought I had escaped from Plague (TM) this year. I survived November and December intact, which is historically when said Plague strikes me.

But no. It has struck now, when the sun is shining and the weather is ridiculously warm. Because it can. It's rather as if I invoked Plague Nemesis by internally rejoicing about my lack of Plague state.

jalenstrix to self: Hee! No Plague, No Plague! :: dance dance dance ::

Plague Nemesis: (waking from slumber) Eh? What's this?

jalenstrix to self: La la la la! Sooooo healthy! :: more dancing ::

Plague Nemesis: *snerk* Silly mortal. :: zap! ::

jalenstrix: :: hack hack cough sniffle hack :: Aiiiieee! My throat, chest, and lungs are broken! How did this happen? :: hack cough hack ::

Plague Nemesis: (going back to sleep) Heh heh heh... :: snore ::

Tags: creative, sick, silly things

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