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I wonder why it is that I continue to be irritated by haughty words and dismissive tones. Surely irritation should be a voluntary process once you realize what it is exactly that's irritating you. Though also, I wonder why it is I keep pursuing interaction with those who irritate me in such a fashion. Optimistic, perhaps? I'd like to think so. Idealism, maybe. I keep wanting to forgive, but it's so smurfing difficult when they're consistently aggravating.

The obvious thing to do would be to cease interaction. But I have small obligations still, and I stick by them. Until I can justify it otherwise. And since said obligations are so small, it'll take a lot before I can justify. Plus, I don't want to give up the chance that one day they'll stop being so smurfing prissy and we can have decent interaction.

It's more than idealism, and less. I simply want harmony again. It doesn't have to be a huge smurfing operatic duet, but this constant dissonance is really unpleasant.

Stupid smurfing People.
Tags: drama, meditation, personality

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