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It seems to be the day for Pandora to read my mind...

...since the last fifteen minutes have consisted of songs that have completely mirrored my current musings.

jalenstrix: :: muse over $topic1 ::

Pandora: Why, here's a song whose lyrics talk about $topic1!

jalenstrix: Ah, isn't that nice....dum de dum de dum... :: muse over $topic2 ::

Pandora: Wait, wait - I've got one right here for that!

jalenstrix: :: slight boggle :: That's nice, then...doot de doot de doot... :: muse over $topic3 ::

Pandora: Hee - look what I've got! [insert music for $topic3 here]

jalenstrix : :: more serious boggle ::

(repeat for 15 minutes)
Tags: music, serendipity, silly, thoughts

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