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Dark O' Clock

...and so begins my day of longness as I head off to Philadelphia to visit UPenn. I have to admit, my Ego is adoring this whole business of the different universities warring over me. Happy Academic Ego, check.

And on the Foxe front, various observations and conclusions:

1) Foxes are inherently silly.
2) I like Foxes. Lots. Bucket-fulls. Whole wuggle-fulls, even.
3) I continue to have a deliriously good time with Foxes.
4) Mmmm....Foxes.

And in other news, I had dinner with the Lady last night. It has been too long since I've spent time with the Ravens in person. I meeeeess them.

This goes very much, as well, for Danielle and Liz Kitty.

Actually, this seems to be going for most of the people who make me smile. My time, she has been eaten of late.

Solution: Everyone who matters should come with me on Saturday to see/cry at/laugh at the ludicrously bad Queen of the Damned. It's a 12:45am showing at the Muvico. You know you want to come....[tempt tempt tempt tempt]
Tags: academic, foxe, happy things, linguistics, raven, silly

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