Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

gacked from thewronghands...

...what my stats would be as a D & D character.

Well, given this dexterity and strength, probably not an adventurer actually. Though I am annoyed that the only strength data point seemed to be about how much you can bench press. Ah well. And intelligence seemed only to measure your SAT score/IQ, so I'm fairly sure that I'm not "olympic-level" intelligent. But it's nice to be told it, anyway, I suppose. My wisdom also feels rather inflated.

You scored 6 Strength, 11 Constitution, and 10 Dexterity!
All stats are based on the original D&D system of 3-18. 3 being tragically weak and 18 being olympic level ability.

You scored 18 Intelligence, 13 Wisdom, and 12 Charisma!

Obviously, the real me ought to be some sort of stay-out-of-the-melee magic-user. That would actually be quite satisfactory.

For amusement's sake, get your own stats - mental and physical.
Tags: lj, personality, silly blog things

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