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Silliness in coffee shops...

...thanks due to the wonderful nameless_abyss, who inspires me to untold heights (or depths) of serendipitous silliness and laughter.

A gem from this afternoon's jaunt:

I was finishing off a (truly delectable) marble mocha macciato with something of a slurp that left a "precious" dribble along my lips. nameless_abyss kindly pointed out that it was there, and I began to giggle enough that it fell onto my sleeve (which she subsequently pointed out). I was embarrassed, but still giggling at the sheer silliness of it and making faces at her. Then, a kindly gentleman who had been sitting in the couch about 10 feet away appeared at my elbow, offering a napkin with a gracious word. I graciously accepted it, thanked him for his generosity, wiped off the offending dribble, and turned a brilliant shade of red while bursting into a round of full-throated laughter.

I think, really, it's the full-throated laughter that makes everything worth it. Of course, random acts of chivalry help a lot, too.
Tags: laughter, personality, silliness

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