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For Many-Tentacled Evil

Just for you, sweet pea. ::wave:: I'm sure you'll be suitably appalled, yet again. It's a pity, really.

Do I post to the world at large? Do I show a surface personality here? Sure, why not? Anyone who knows me can ask for something more substantial and they know they can ask. And often do. That's the way it goes.

Do I react to other people? Do I feel things because of them? Sure. Does that make me a psychic vampire? Only by a very exotic definition, I think. (Actually, I'm rather sorry for that - it'd be ten goth points at least to be any kind of vampire.)

Do I like affection? Yes. Do I seek out touch? Of course. Does this make me emotionally needy? Again, a bit of a stretch on the definition, don't you think?
But then, everyone's entitled to their opinions, right? Right. Of course.
Tags: drama, grumbling, personality, ross

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