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Oh, glorious!

...for Elusa-bunny has proved her catly worth tonight.

The background: My uncles got me a very gorgeous ring a few weeks back. It was all purple and blue and shiny and beautiful. I called them up immediately to thank them and tell them just how wonderfully surprised I was by it.

Then, the very next day, the stone came out. Ack! It turned out, upon treyvadi's examination, that the setting was flawed. But since I had been moving stuff about and vacuuming profusely, I couldn't find the stone in the apartment. I suspected it had been (sadly) vacuumed into dusty oblivion. treyvadi was convinced it was still in the apartment, but a thorough scrutinizing failed to turn it up.

But then, Elusa-bunny proved tonight that treyvadi was right all along! As I was playing piano, Elusa-bunny was playing about underneath the piano and batting various things around. Eventually, when I finished playing, she scurried away - but not before unearthing a shiny purple stone from the secret hidden pockets of space-time underneath the piano.

Oh, glorious!

With the help of a very tiny drop of super-glue, I have now re-secured the stone in the faulty setting and once more have a beautiful purple-blue ring of the prettiness.

Tags: cats, happy things

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