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Smithsonian Wanderings

...admittedly turned out slightly differently than planned. However, this resulted in me spending much more time wandering with my parents, cracking really bad jokes, and waltzing with my father in front of the fountains at the National Gallery.

Things noticed:

1) The Dutch know how to really paint alive.
2) Every sculpture seemed to bear more than a passing resemblance to this one sculpted blob called Lunar Bird. It got to a point that my father and I would walk around a hunk of bronze, look thoughtfully, and declare, "It's Lunar Bird!" in unison. I told my mom she ought to add a final multiple choice question for her field trip kids:

How many sculptures look like Lunar Bird?

a) All of them.
b) Too many.
c) Far too many.
d) Everything in the world now looks like Lunar Bird - Gah! Run away, run away!
e) All of the above.

Odds are she won't include it. But it's a nice thought.
Tags: creative, family, sensual, silly things

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