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And here's...

...to ludicrously bad talks by "respected" researchers in the field!

$visiting_guy: "I tell you that $foundational_theory is wrong!"

$resident_linguists: "Okaaaaaaay....because?"

$visiting_guy: "Because I shall flash pictures up on the screen at speeds so fast, they actually travel backwards in time! And I will throw terminology at you that I will not define! And you will belieeeeeeeeve...."

$resident_linguists: :: boggle ::

$visiting_guy: "Lo! More undefined terminology! And graphs with labels too small for the naked eye to see!"

$resident_linguists: :: more boggling ::

$visiting_guy: "And so, I say again, $foundational_theory is wrong!"

$resident_linguists: "So, er, all those studies over the last 50 years that support $foundational_theory?"

$visiting_guy: "They're all wrong! All of them! I proved it in one of my classes back at $other_university, but I won't show you any actual data from that!"

$resident_linguists: "Um...so let's try something else. We have this recent study in learning Hungarian, in fact-"

$visiting_guy: "I spoke at a Hungarian club in Pittsburgh once! In Hungarian! What a great club it is, too! Thank you, end of question period."

$resident_linguists: :: extreme boggle ::

I mean, wow, ludicrously bad.

Tags: academic, humor, linguistics

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