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Of Sea Goddess Dresses and Cats

Mostly because I decided to upload pictures from my digital camera.

So, lo! I give you images of...

Okay, so this is really just a close-up of the hair and make-up that went along with the sea goddess dress.

Lo! I am a sea goddess statue looking off into the distance!

And turning...

So we can see the back. Yay, back!

And now back to the side to grin at the camera.

And now back facing front, grinning full on at the camera. Because I can, really.

It's a black fuzzy Sedavion pillow!

It takes true talent to match one's decor with one's fur. But Sedavion handles it with aplomb.

And a very diabolical blinking pillow is my kitty.

Tags: cats, dresses, happy things, pictures

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