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Vague Wonderings

I was just told that I "note too much". (this, in response to me saying "duly noted" to a particular comment)

Is that possible? I didn't think it was. I always believed that the more information you collect, the more informed an opinion you can have. Is it possible to collect too much information? Maybe that particular observation was a reference to remembering things or "reading into" things or some such. That, I can see an argument for.

But in regards remembering things (and dwelling on them, per se), if you don't note the new information coming in, how would you change your opinion?

And in regards "reading into" things, why is that synonymous with "noting"? It seems these are separate - intake of information and drawing (possibly spurious, as per connotation) conclusions.

Unless it overloads your attention span, how could you "note too much"?
Tags: personality

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