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Just back from JHU, which was splend - they spent far too much money on getting us hotel rooms (in which I bounced on the beds) and feeding us very well and all sorts of things. There was a piano in the lobby - I played it gleefully. Hee hee. Plus, the people were really laid back - and there was another CS undergrad there who I bonded with. (If you read this, Patrick: Heya! Meh! Woo hoo, Princess Bride!)

Meanwhile, the Ravens may have found a place in Columbia - a very nice rowhouse. Which would work out splendidly for going to either JHU or UMCP, about a 25 minute drive either way. And I would live with them, which would be beyond splend. They have no pets, are clean, don't drive me batty, and are loads of fun.

Also, I'm scheduling meetings at MIT for March 29, over spring break. It's really nice to be courted by the official Namebrand Department. Academic Ego Points, check.
Back to work, me.
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