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Alan, honey, I love you! ;)

...which will hopefully make you smile when you happen to peruse this in a moment of boredom at the Hell Desk. You made me smile today - it's only fair. [grin]

I know I shouldn't need anyone else to believe in me except me, but it's nice to be reassured sometimes. Especially when you get hit by Self-Doubt Grenades (TM). Damn Grenades! [shakes fist menacingly in their general direction]

Ah, but I did have a wonderful night clubbing last night, though I must work on my pair dancing skills. I'm much more used to a solo act, I admit it. I also must remember to start keeping an overnight bag in my bookbag on a regular basis. It'll just make things so much easier when the "Awww...I wanna stay here, too, and it's cold outside but, dammit, no toothbrush or [insert other important item here]!" comments start to fly.

Oooh, and I get to D&D for the first time ever on Sunday. (I know, I'm such a deprived child.) It'll be something of a steep learning curve, since everyone else in the group was probably born with a d20 in their hand. Still, I'm looking forward to it - it makes me feel creative, what with all the drawing and reading and character acting. Plus, I have my Poppycock kitty. Hee.
Tags: alan, dancing, happy things, silly

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