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And this is the story...

...of the weekend that flew by far too quickly, leaving me with the disconcerting realization that I accomplished nearly nothing of what I wanted in terms of writing (both thesis and creative) and that I have been completely over-socialized. Granted, in compensation, I saw an absolutely gorgeous Cirque du Soleil show which I shall squee about below, and spent time with very many people whom I enjoy. On the other hand, I am now exceptionally grumpy and stressed.

Also, I must now start looking for a new ballroom dance partner, since I affirmed about an hour ago that I cannot make the final competion available for me and my current partner before he goes off to graduate school. Therefore, quite reasonably, he wants to find another partner in the interim that will be able to compete with him. So...I am without partner. Arg. Moo.

So, Cirque du Soleil's Delirium.

The protagonists: jalenstrix, treyvadi, bkleber, noblessa, jesse, and neopanda

Having semi-successfully fought our way through the hideous rampaging hordes of baseball traffic in Baltimore, we arrived (unintentionally) fashionably late. Luckily, the show had a nice 20 minute intermission after the very first song, possibly because of the evil interfering baseball traffic. Thus, we caught the majority of the show.

And ah, what a show! - an amazing spectacle of visual imagery, haunting melodies, pounding drums, arcing bodies, fluid motion, and rich, vibrant color. Rather than being focused around the different standard circus type acts (silk ropes, trapeze, etc.), Delirium was unabashedly centered around the music and the dancers. (Of course, the circus acts that were present were gorgeous, particularly the silk rope artists.) The vocalists and instrumentalists were often near center stage, surrounded by a cadre of other performers moving in either perfect synchrony or harmonious asynchrony.

Of course, because it was Cirque du Soleil, the costumery was breath-taking, a beautiful meld of high-fashion quirkiness and excess. And, ah, the lighting effects! Sheer screens moved across and had images projected along them to give the illusion of a three-dimensional stage constantly shifting and changing: a forest of waving arms, ethereal sea spirits caressing the performers, buttterflies flitting across a rich green field alive with growing leaves. Also, for a good segment of the show, the entire stage was suffused in the most perfect shade of deep purple, with intermittent shots of luxurious turqouise.

And, oh, the drums! Pulsating, throbbing rhythms, viceral and hypnotic. And then the dancers, mixing so many different dance styles with their sharply angled movements and fluid grace, gyrating or leaping, seeming uninhibited by gravity. I was particularly enchanted by the tango-like dance where there were 2 same-sex couples.

Oh, the pretty! Such pretty. My only regret was that the soundtrack hasn't yet been released, so I can't procure those heady drum rhythms yet.


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Jul. 17th, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)
How funny...a coworker just sent me an email about a Cirque du Soleil show, Corteo, that is coming to DC this fall, asking if I wanted to go. Seeing as how I'm not really interested in such stuff, but I know you are, I headed to your journal to check if you had any squeeing happiness about a new show coming to town...and here this entry was! And now there will be another show for you to enjoy later this year, although you probably already knew that.
Aug. 28th, 2006 12:49 am (UTC)
Hi. I just ran across you from OKCupid. I'm glad to hear such reviews of Delirium, although that makes me all the more bitter that I missed it when it was in town. However, I must note, that if you get the chance, KA is so, so very stunning. I saw that about a month ago in Vegas, and I'm not sure when it will be coming to DVD or to Bravo, but if you ever run across it, definitely make time to go, it is well worth it.
Aug. 28th, 2006 04:31 am (UTC)
Ah, fabulous about Ka! I know Corteo is coming to DC in Oct/Nov, so I'm defiitely looking forward to catching that. One day, I fully intend to go to Las Vegas and see all the resident shows there, as well. :)
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