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Oh, how to resist...

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

[snort] An evil rubber ducky. I love it.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that buying a house involves more paperwork than anyone ought ever to have to sit through. Grar. But the house in Columbia was really cool, if in need of a bit of fixing up. (Those appliances *so* need to be replaced.) But the potential is splendid. And the neighborhood is really nice - no worries that we'll be mugged on our way from the car to the door. Plus, there are billions of trees everywhere - it made my inner nature ducky quite happy. Downside: 35-40 minute commute. However, if I get a laptop and cell phone (as I'm planning to come this summer), it won't much matter - I can be reachable. Yay.

This assumes that I'll be at either JHU or UMCP. And frankly, that's not a bad assumption. UPenn called yesterday to tell me they, too, were offering me a fellowship and I should get back to them by April 15 with my decision. But there's some really splendid stuff happening with UMCP's psycholinguistics group - particularly with the computational models which are faithful to human cognition patterns and feasible in a human mental frame. It's like this great push of energy whenever I talk to anyone here - so many people wanting to stick their hand in and point me towards interesting things going on. And the idea of sophisticated neural networks is certainly attractive - I have an article on just this subject with an author who I've been urged to contact and have further discusion with. (Admittedly, this is the article that has the Sonic Hedgehog protein mentioned - but still....)

Meanwhile, this weekend I'm headed to my first dance compteition with meinem Fuchs. I'm thoroughly excited - but I have to figure out what to wear, which is somehow much more important than it should be. There's no "official" dress code, but there's sure as hell an unofficial one. Sigh. But that's okay - dancing is happy. Dancing for the entire day and night even more so. Cha cha cha!

Oooh, and I got to play ping pong for the first time in several ages with Foxe - it was spectacular! We were holding some good rallies by the end of it and starting to get our respective rhythms back. Must play more. Moo ha ha. Pong! Pong pong! Pong pong pong! [ping] Though God help me when I try to get back into tennis. Eep.
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