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Morals from yesterday's white water rafting trip

(1) Flat water is really not as fun as rapids. No, no...really not.

(2) Paddling for hours on only one side will make my shoulders protest and be generally unhappy.

(3) My bottom is not designed to sit comfortably on the edge of a raft for hours.

(4) Because my bottom is not designed to sit comfortably on the edge of a raft for hours, I will twist my base away from my torso in an attempt to not have bruises left in unfortunate places. This sadly leads to a very unhappy back after many hours. Also, it turns out not to help the bottom much.

(5) I'm easily annoyed when the people in my raft refuse to actually stop talking long enough to paddle (not to mention paddle in synch), thus leaving me paddling by myself up front for long stretches of time during the omnipresent flat water.
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