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And on precisely why...

...one goes to visit nameless_abyss on a Tuesday evening.

(1) Dark chocolate raspberry brownie sharing.
(2) Superior dance viewing, courtesy of a taped session of So You Think You Can Dance.
(3) Massive amounts of catlings! (I brought mine to visit hers.)
(4) Unintentional poo flinging, a la monkeys. (Short version: My Elusa bunny panicked in the car and made a bit of a mess. Thank goodness for the swift usage of paper towels, squirty cleany stuff, and Febreeze.)
(5) Official christenings in the "Mc" tradition. (Previous incarnations have included "Chesty McBoob", "Slutty McPoppins", and "Dancey McTactless". The names have since been upgraded.)
(6) Truly exceptional hot cocoa.

Tags: catlings, happy things, nameless_abyss, silly

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