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The Manta Princess and the Smiley Queen Moo

The first being me and the second being my mother (self-proclaimed title, that one - I have this woman's genes. I bow to her silliness. Yay, Mommy!)

But as for an explanation of the first, given to me by one RavenBlack:

"Princess as a title does suit you (and you wear it well). The interesting
thing is that if I were asked to describe someone whom Princess suits, I
would not describe anyone like you.

Pondering how this could be, I came up with an analogy - if asked to
describe a fish, I would not describe a manta-ray, yet a manta-ray is
still a fish.

Thus, you are the manta-ray of princessdom."

Hee. [swish swish manta manta] He is the best of RavenBlacks.
Tags: family, glee, happy, ravenblack, silly things

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