January 28th, 2002

Owl Side


..is an odd thing. Cleansing, but odd. At least, conscious un-repression is.

Walking under the moonlight last night, I wanted to be able to forgive, but couldn't. Today, I can forgive but don't want to. But it's nice to know that I can, if a bit unnerving.

Though it does fit with my contrary streak - as soon as I decide I can't-ever-won't-ever-nope-forget-it-not-for-the-moon-on-a-stick, the contrary streak urges me towards whatever it is I didn't want to do. Because I know that it does that, I can use it to my advantage sometimes.

But I didn't want to be urged towards forgiveness this time - self-preservation, etc, etc. Though maybe this is a different kind of self-preservation. Being cold and angry doesn't sit well with me for extended periods of time.

[wry grin] Or maybe I'm just saying that to provoke the contrary streak again.
Owl Side

Geek points, geek points!

Oh, such happiness! Crypto class is looking to be gorgeous - and the book is even readable. Tomorrow I have both of my fun language classes - Old Norse and History of the English Language. Must...ferret...linguistic knowledge...from....scholarly brains...mmm...brains...braaaaaaaains....[zombie walk]

But the other bonus of crypto class is the sheer number of people I know who are already in it. I mean, there are five of us even on the third floor of Commons. [glee]

Ah, but I must use my dubious hardware skills to go fix the computer of a lovely lady from my temple in exchange for dinner. It's a good exchange. She doesn't lay any claims on me actually being able to fix the computer and her dinners are always excellent. Last time, there was couscous...mmm....couscous....