February 3rd, 2002

Owl Side


It feels strange purchasing tickets for an interview with the PhD department of UPenn. The PhD department. Rather...grown-up. I'm not sure I care for that feeling so much, but it is a certain sort of power, a degree of control. And that's certainly nice.

Meanwhile, I find myself irritated by people who say they want to work on something and then turn out not to. Given the nature of these people, it shouldn't be all that surprising. But still I'm aggravated. Maybe because it makes it difficult to make my own plans, if I'm reserving an unnamed chunk of time for them. Easy solution: don't reserve an unnamed chunk of time for them. Right. Damn my optimistic tendencies.

This is probably why I dislike group work of any sort, unless I trust the group members. Which happened with my 411 group last semester (love you, Aaron, Jesse, and Kinga ;) ). So it's not completely hopeless. And, in theory, fellow grad students in the next few years should be more reliable. In theory.

Feh. Stupid people. Must be a RavenBlack-esque day again. Handy thing that I shall go see a RavenBlack again. [grin]

In other news, that little fuzzy white bear is still obscenely adorable when bopping its head to music. And I started writing again last night. The bones of the short story are set out, so now I have to start ruthlessly editing and fleshing.
Owl Side


...are good for the gaming soul. I beat you at Splat! [bounce bounce bounce]

And I will improve at Smartie-catching with my mouth. As it stands, I was bopped in cheek, nose, and lip many a time. RavenBlack is much, much more skilled than I. Practice, practice...hee hee hee.

And crypto is now checked out with the boyos. (Yes, you're boyos. Self-proclaimed. I have the log. Moo ha ha ha. Loooooove you. [grin]) Besides, I like the word - it's adorable, affectionate, and silly. C'mon, how can you not like a word that has "oyo" in it?

Moo ha ha ha...hee.