February 15th, 2002

Owl Side

Quotes are the best


150. "I'd rather be gang-raped by rabid chimpanzees." - Aga, on rejection-made-easy
151. "It's a bean bag butt bear!" - Me
152. "I'll find some less dicky dick to work for." - Hawk
153. "I smurf both ways." - Foxe

Mwa ha ha. Quotes are the best. We are the spider pope collective.
Owl Side

Calls and Owls

So I went home and got a call from MIT saying, "You're accepted. We'll give you money. Come visit." Which is all nice. That gives me considerable leverage with the schools I do actually want to go to, namely UMCP and UPenn. Johns Hopkins comes in a very close second, though, so they're not completely out of the running. Have to see how the various visits to the departments turn out.

Summary: Yay, leverage.

And then my brother gave me my Valentine's Day present - a stuffed squishy owl with gold mardi gras beads around its head. It's so adorable! It's name is Bean.

I really am succeptible to stuffed animals of all sorts. I doubt I'll ever become Evil Overlord since I'm so easily swayed. "Mmm...world domination..." "Wait, a stuffed owl!" "Oooh - where? [distracted wanderings away]"

Summary: Mmm...stuffed owl...soul-sucking stuffed owl....braaaaaaaaaains...