May 16th, 2002

Owl Side


Hurrah, for my crypto final has been duly conquered! (Though I wasn't all that worried about it, as crypto exams tend to ask sensible questions which determine if you know how to think, not if you remember the useless details of some implementation or other. If only my English Language Change class were so enlightened. That's what I get for taking something from the English department, I suppose. Tsk.)

Meanwhile, progress has been made on the desk of doom - up to page 25 or so of the manual, out of 34. Much improvement from only being up to page 10. I'm hoping to complete the thing this weekend, maybe. I repeat - I shall make it my bitch. Yeah, baby.

In other news, I feel wretched. Stupid sneezing. Stupid coughing. Stupid headaches. Grar, allergies, if that's what this is. Grar, colds, if that's what it is. Grar, world, if it's just because I'm special like that.