August 4th, 2002

Owl Side

The Latest in Quotes

Hee. A lot.

"Love." -Foxe "That doesn't begin with a C!" –Me "...Cuh-love." – Foxe

"The angst! The tragedy! The turd. Agghhh – and it stinks, too. " – Raven

"Mmm...lovely!...mmm...squishy!...yay!" – Me

"I thought you were mooing! Why were you blue-ing?" – Foxe

"I love you and all your donkey-pig finery." – Me

"Aaaagh! My poor vulnerable nip-pleh!" – Foxe

"Do you know that I just love you?" – Me "But my nip-pleh!" – Foxe

"But I could just pee all day!" – Foxe

"And I'm wasting time on the toilet when I could be pooping!" – Foxe

"Focus on the business at butt." – Foxe