April 12th, 2004

Owl Side

Yet More Linguistics Foo

Once more, I am looking for input from people who aren't me, since my judgement is all shot to hell about this sort of thing.

Context/Scenario: Sarah is at a river bank. She meets a goblin who tells her she has to go to the other side. Seeing no bridge, Sarah jumps in and swims across to the other side.

Sentence: Sarah swam where the goblin told her to go.

Is this a reasonable way to say, "Sarah swam to the place which the goblin told her to go to"? That is, if you said/heard this, would you be happy or think "wait...something's wrong with that".

(Reason for caring about this: Is the ability to use "Sarah Verbed [some place]" to mean "Sarah Verbed TO [some place]" a productive sort of process or a weirdness restricted to go?)