August 27th, 2004

Owl Side

And I am officially floored... Bavarian hospitality.

The background: Foxe and I, in a fit extremely poor planning, decided we would go to this castle in Germany called Neueschwanstein. (Apparently, it's the castle one in DisneyWorld is modeled after.) So we grab a train ticket to Munich, and have vague directions from there on how to get tp the castle. We leave Vienna around 6:30pm. There's a change of trains in Salzburg....except that the train isn't there. And the train, in fact, won't be there until midnight. And we'll get to Munich at 2:30am Friday morning. When nothing in Munich will be open. (Little do we know that it's a five hour train trip from Munich to this fabled castle anyway.) So, we sit down to ponder what to do in a little diner place in Salzburg train station.

Cue the extremely hospitable Bavarian traveler, who asks if he can join us at our table. (Whose name, embarassingly enough, I can't remember, because he introduced himself to us very qiuckly.) We talk to him a little in German, he talks to us a little in English. We eventually get to our respective plans. We tell him our clever plan to find a place at 2:30am in Munich. His eyebrows jump. He immediately calls his wife and asks if it's okay for us to stay the night, since nothing will be open at such strange hours in Munich. Now, we just met this man not an hour previous, and he offers us his home for the night. Wow.

We, of course, gratefully accept. He lives out in the suburbs apparently, and it's an expensive cab ride to get there. He insists on paying. They give us food, they give us beds, they help us arrange travel, they give us internet. We play with their son the next morning, like we're old friends.

I mean, wow. More on this later probably, but I had to share.