November 2nd, 2004

Owl Side

All right, me speakers of English...

...I think I've finally gathered enough data to debug some of the more devastating problems with my method of questioning. So, here's the plan:

1) I have (or will have shortly) 6 little storylets like the ones you've been reading lately.
2) Each storylet will have a single statement at the end that I'll ask you about (is it true, is it false, is it misleading, etc.).
3) You can be a native or non-native speaker (but I do need for you to tell me which you are).

So, if you'd be interested in helping out a poor linguistics graduate student on her eternal quest to get reasonable data from speakers of English, please send me e-mail at firesylph AT gmail DOT com. (If you've already participated in previous data quests, feel free to comment here and say, "It's okay to send me this one.")

::academic love. lots. really. with the love::