December 2nd, 2005

Owl Side

Geek Point

So it turns out that I'm going to have to modify some java code I wrote in order to account for tricksy linguistic things involving stress.

My first thought: "Hee! I get to code!" [bounce bounce bounce]

I think my happiness stems from the ability to get a real result that no one can turn around and say, "Well, that's just wrong." The ideas behind the code may well be wrong and may indeed need fixing in the future - but the code itself is right because it works. End of story.
Owl Side

Why my advisor is very, very good for my writing...

...even if I do get frustrated lots.

She maketh me explain to her with the Very Simple Words exactly what is it that I mean.

She forceth me to realize that the Very Simple Words explanation is what I have been trying to verbalize for the last four years that I have been explaining this subject to everyone else. Everyone else did not force me to use the Very Simple Words. Naughty them.