December 17th, 2005

Owl Side

A pox upon the bloody fools...

...who leave a large piece of dark furniture in the middle of the road at quarter of one in the morning when the speed limit is 55mph.

Conveniently, I swerved almost completely in time, overcorrected, had a lovely mad 180-turn across the intersection, and avoided bashing into anything except the bloody piece of furniture itself. The right side of my bumper is sadly gone in a thoroughly pathetic and broken way. However, my dance partner and I are uninjured and the car appears fine besides that. And there was almost no one else on the road so we didn't hit anyone else or cause anyone else to have an accident.

But still....GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! The stupid! The hate! The loathing! May flying hamsters rain flaming coconuts down upon their villages!

And I'll call tomorrow to see about getting my poor car checked out. Grar.