February 4th, 2006

Owl Side

It seems to be the day for Pandora to read my mind...

...since the last fifteen minutes have consisted of songs that have completely mirrored my current musings.

jalenstrix: :: muse over $topic1 ::

Pandora: Why, here's a song whose lyrics talk about $topic1!

jalenstrix: Ah, isn't that nice....dum de dum de dum... :: muse over $topic2 ::

Pandora: Wait, wait - I've got one right here for that!

jalenstrix: :: slight boggle :: That's nice, then...doot de doot de doot... :: muse over $topic3 ::

Pandora: Hee - look what I've got! [insert music for $topic3 here]

jalenstrix : :: more serious boggle ::

(repeat for 15 minutes)