April 15th, 2006

Owl Side

On precisely what happens...

...when one spends an afternoon & evening with nameless_abyss.

  1. One acquires a sea goddess dress for the Terpischorean Ball in May at the University of Maryland.
  2. One samples the delights that Godiva can offer in the form of ginger chocolate and key lime truffles.
  3. One wanders adoringly through Illuminations, glorying in the many splendors of candlelight.
  4. One makes a quick pillaging of Hot Topic, emerging with Labyrinth booty: one tank-top and 3 post cards. (Oh, bless thee, Hot Topic - Source of Labyrinth paraphernalia both wearable and hangable!)
  5. One procures shiny pearl adornments for both hair and ear.
  6. One conquers the night-time twists and turns of vaguely familiar territory in order to catch an evening showing of Take the Lead, which leads to frissons of ecstacy at the beauty of the dancing that the movie contains. Hurrah for movies about dancing that involve actors who can really dance.

And lo! jalenstrix looked at her evening and said: This is very good.
Owl Side

On why...

...Charles de Lint short stories are so very lovely for me. I think it's really about the sense of the fantastic that they imbue ordinary circumstances with. All the short fiction of his that I've read lately has these almost-possible impossibilities happening in a city landscape. But it's not about cities (though real cities have their magic, of course) or about the particulars of the impossibilities themselves, really. It's about entertaining the notion of the unexpectedly magical, about finding the fantastic in the every day. And perhaps most importantly, about viewing the ordinary through the lens of But what if... until it becomes extraordinary.
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