August 24th, 2006

Owl Side

Of flying.

So tonight, I had my very first ride on a motorcycle, courtesy of the ever-sweet Joshua. So glorious! Girded with borrowed leather armor and helmet, I hopped on his trusty steed, and we zoomed around Silver Spring and parts north. The feel of wind whipping past me...ah, just like my dreams of flying! That wondrous rush of movement. Over hills, around twists and turns, sinuous and sleek and sultry - simply stunning. The feel of the position was very similar to the one time I rode a horse, actually, so I accommodated bumps fairly easily after awhile. I do have to work on my ability to keep my position, however. There were a few unfortunate times when I bumped my helmet into his at a sudden slow down, and often I shifted forward and ended up pushing him further forward then was particularly comfortable. (Oops...)

But, ah, what a glorious way to spend part of an evening. Highly recommended.