October 9th, 2006

Owl Side


....for I have just had a very lovely meeting with my manager at BBN. We were talking and brainstorming about the current project I'm working on, and I had that same fabulous rush of, "Oooooh! Look at what we can make this do! What about this? Ah, yes - we can try this!"

It's all the $stuff-creation that I get when brainstorming my linguistics foo with people. I'm ridiculously pleased about this because it confirms that brilliant happy brain things can occur in places other than a university. w00t.

:: rejoice ::
Owl Side


...I am being in Boston this weekend. I've no idea what plans are already made with host-friend Scott, but if there is something I really ought to do that you know about, or someone (i.e. you) who would potentially be available for the seeing, do let me know! I make no promises to actually follow through with any of the recommendations, but will gladly view them and give you virtual Boston-visiting love in thanks at the very least.