May 3rd, 2007

Owl Side


....for I passed my thesis defense. I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor!

:: does happy dance ::

And how long did it take my lab cohorts to change the sign on my office from "graduate student" to "Dr. jalenstrix"? Less than 15 minutes? Why yes, yes it did. Oh, how I loves them, preeeeecious.

And then there was the OV/VO word order parameter cake. So much linguistically geeky love.

And I was so pleased to see/partially see/vaguely know they were outside the door because the room was packed: thewronghands, treyvadi, opsimath. So. Much. Love. [grin]

And so much love from everyone who wished me millions of luck today, though they couldn't be here.

Yay, the love and hurrah!