Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

On last night's Wicked-ness...

...which took place at the Hippodrome in Baltimore.

Walking in to such a place is like being in another century. The elaborate swirls, elegant lines, multitudinous curlicues - the sheer mass of articulated architecture is simply gorgeous. It reminds me of the feeling I had walking into St. Peter's in Rome - this sense of "Ah...". (Granted, St. Peter's is rather more about the majestic feel of the place. But it's that same sense of being transported.)

And the set designers for this production of Wicked were simply genius. I was enamored of the juxtaposition of the elaborate with the ephemeral to create these fantastical realms where the story takes place. And the colors, oh! Simply stunning. The same for the costumes - this wonderful blend of the Victorian and the modern cosmopolitan.

And, of course, to see the story played out, with the songs my choir will be singing come May - simply glorious! To see the flourishes added here and there, the clear, bright stretching of a note from now till forever, the golden harmonies - simply delightful.

And though I knew the story already, to find myself drawn in so much by it anyway - to want and to hope and to feel my throat grow tight with sorrow for these characters who I only see for so short a time...just brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

It's experiences like these that convince me the musical is a perfectly fabulous medium for Story.
Tags: fantastical, gorgeous, happy things, singing, story, transported, wicked

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