Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

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I think I'm mellowing...

...or at least being less angsty about reviewers who trash a journal manuscript. (Background: Got reviews back from a paper my professor and I submitted to $cognitive_science_journal awhile back, and the three reviewers completely went to town on it.) Now granted, in this particular case, after a careful read-through of the critiques, I found out the most egregious critiques seemed to be easily combatted. Still, this is a vast improvement over my reaction from the last time I got a trashed manuscript back.

Then: "Graaaaaaaar! Hate! Doom! This is full of suck! Stupid everything! Aaaaaaaaaarg."

Now: "Heh, feeling a bit feisty, aren't they? Time for first counterattack. :: rolls up sleeves and cracks knuckles :: "
Tags: academic things, bring it, counterattack, linguistic things, raaaar i am the queen

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