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Dance Partners

I'm supposed to find a dance partner who does American style, which is quite different from International style. The idea behind this, of course, is that my partner and I will be learning the same types of movements and motions, and thus will compete together with said movements and motions more easily. This means, as well, that my Foxe is completely out of the running, as he does International Style.

It makes me sadder than it ought to, I think. I don't know what I was thinking - I just sort of assumed we'd dance competitions together, doing both styles. It was a bad assumption - I mean, I'd have to keep up to snuff in a style (International) that I'm not even taking a class in. But it still makes me sad. Also the fact that none of the guys in my beginner class that are all that good. I don't mean to be harsh, but I've been spoiled by Bronze, Silver, and Gold level dancers. Perhaps if I can take a Bronze class this summer, I can do a partner hunt there.

I suppose that's the one thing that irks about dance competitions- a partner is required. One of your own style, especially. And I do want to compete. Naturally competitive nature, etc, etc.

It also means that Foxe needs an International style partner. Already, I'm thinking, "Hey, if I could just watch her, I could pick up enough to do International..." Which is and isn't true. Certainly I could pick up a move by watching someone, but it's the taking class together thing and learning moves together that's more important. Playing catch-up all the time isn't anyone's idea of fun.

So I'll just be petulant and sad for a while and let it run its course. And then I'll find a smurfing American style partner somewhere.
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